Refunds & Returns Policy


Although we offer refunds, these are ONLY offered on orders that are still held by us in our main office.  If they have been shipped, delivered or collected from one of our self Pick-up locations then NO REFUND can or will be offered.

If a refund is offered, there is a 10% restocking fee for ALL refunds.




Returns Policy

Unfortunately once a ticket has left our main office, there is no way of knowing if a ticket has been used. As such we are unable to except the return of any tickets in such instances.

Clarification - Once tickets have left our premises we will not take them back under any circumstances as we have no way of knowing if they have been used and cannot risk putting them back into stock and in doing so sell them onto other guests.  We are sure that you as a guest would not wish us to risk selling you a ticket that might not be valid.












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